[Dailydave] Quick thread on SQLi

Michal Zalewski lcamtuf at coredump.cx
Wed Mar 7 15:24:49 EST 2012

> The metric is this: How many websites have remote anonymous SQLi as a
> percentage.

What's a "website"? A self-contained UI? A DNS label? A box that some
webserver runs on?

In any case, if you have a complex web app that uses SQL, and you
don't use prepared statements (both of these criteria are common), I
think your odds of having a discoverable vulnerability are a lot
higher than speculated in this thread. I'd say 50%+.

I pulled this out of thin air, based on anecdotal first-hand
experience. I.e., it's about as substantiated as any other number
we'll see here ;p

But a more pertinent question is this: if you are an organization that
uses SQL with no special engineering controls, what are the odds that
at least one of your web servers will be affected by SQLi? And that's
probably uncomfortably close to 100%.


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