[Dailydave] Paid-for Vendor talk .... seems legit?

DeepSec Conference deepsec at deepsec.net
Thu Mar 22 13:21:16 EDT 2012

Dear Dave,

not every conference does that.

We choose our keynotes carefully and make sure that they don't have a
vendor or product pitch. And we pay for travel and accommodation for
all speakers, including key note...

regards, DeepSec

On 21 March 2012 14:26, Dave Aitel <dave at immunityinc.com> wrote:
> Why is it that every conference has gone the full hog and decided that you
> must sell keynotes? When I tried to watch the Whitman Diffie keynote  at BH
> EU, it was proceeded by a 30 minute Fortigate infomercial. RSA had like 5
> paid-for keynotes for every one real keynote. Everyone who hasn't should
> watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7iM5CbBLBY to see why this is a
> terrible idea. Even if the paid-for talks (and they're not just keynotes!)
> were good, it should still be considered an unacceptable way to run a
> technical conference.
> Here's my promise about INFILTRATE 2013 - there will be no paid talks. None.
> We choose talks solely based on technical content, speaking skill, and
> amount of Buffy quotes.
> Example (assuming you are speaking about some part of the industry
> perhaps?):
> Xander: Well, how about this: we whip out the Ouija board, light a few
> candles, summon some ancient unstoppable evil? Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem; we
> show up and and kick its ass. Giles [pauses to contemplate]: A wee bit
> unethical.
> -dave
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