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Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Fri Mar 30 15:13:09 EDT 2012

When I watch Mark Wuergler's INFILTRATE 2012 talk on wireless attacks it
makes me think of the tiny Fear Demon from Buffy
<http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d7/Buffy4x04.jpg>. We had to
squeeze him down into a tiny window at the top right. All you can really
see about him is that he's vaguely humanoid. And the Silverlight app
that recorded the slides did them as discrete jpgs, rather than as a
movie format of some kind (which would make more sense for a Prezi or
for live demos, etc.).

That said, it works fine, and is hand-synced for your viewing pleasure,
and available here: http://www.immunityinc.com/presentations.shtml

If you want to comment on this, apparently the best way is to call Mark
out on Ars's Forums:

  * http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2012/03/anatomy-of-an-iphone-leak.ars
  * http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2012/03/loose-lipped-iphones-top-the-list-of-smartphones-exploited-by-hacker.ars

Or you can post here, of course.

Enjoy! We are currently rendering a tiny Thomas Lim humanoid and hope to
treat you to that sometime next week.


    /[The Fear Demon Gachnar slowly emerges from the pentacle in the
    floor... and is revealed to be just six inches tall.]/
    *Buffy*: This is Gachnar?
    *Xander*: /[looks down mockingly at Gachnar]/ Big
    overture, /little/ show.
    *Gachnar*: /[in a squeaky voice]/: I am the Dark Lord of Nightmares!
    The Bringer of Terror! Tremble before me! Fear me!
    *Willow*: He... he's so /cute!/
    *Gachnar*: Tremble!
    /[Xander pokes a finger at the tiny demon, speaking to it as if to a
    *Xander*: Who's a little fear demon? Come on! Who's a little fear demon?
    *Giles*: Don't taunt the fear demon.
    *Xander*: Why, can he hurt me?
    *Giles*: No, it's just... tacky.

    /[After defeating Gachnar, Giles looks back at the small image of
    him in the book]/
    *Giles*: Bloody hell, the inscription!
    *Buffy*: What?
    *Giles*: I should've translated the Gaelic inscription beneath the
    *Buffy*: What does it say?
    *Giles*: ... Actual size.

INFILTRATE - the world's best offensive information security conference.
April 2013 in Miami Beach

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