[Dailydave] Hackito 2012 Crypto Challenge

Jonathan Brossard endrazine at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 23:00:49 EDT 2012

Dear crypto-hackers,

I crashed my laptop and lost my access to the database where the
encryption key of my backups is stored, can you help me to get it back ?
I know some checks are regularly done on the DB by a bot, maybe it can help…

Here is some code I got / start to code
- attacker.py : a MITM script, you should modify it to get my key.
- crypto.py and challenge1.py : sources of the database and the bot,
they are configured to run locally.
- keys.py : example keys I’ve built, server ones are different.

Address of both the database and the bot is games.labs.overthewire.org
(ports are the same than the ones in challenge1.py)
Please try your attack locally before flooding the server or your IP may
be banned.

If you have any question or problem don’t hesitate to contact me :
on weekdays : eloi.vanderbeken [{a}] oppida [{.}] fr
on weekend  : eloi.vanderbeken [{a}] gmail  [{.}] fr

If you succeed, send your solution (recovered key and how you got it) to
hes-cfp [{a}] lists.hackitoergosum [{.}] org

Thanks and regards,

Eloi & the Hackito team

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