[Dailydave] More required reading

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Thu Jan 17 14:07:53 EST 2013

This here is the last line of something you have to read today: "If my
snotty fourth-grade teacher had really been as peacenik as she thought
she was, she'd have given me a B-plus at least, because by turning out
to be a C-minus war for all concerned, 1812 did more for peace than all
the Judy Blume books ever printed."

See,*that's* how you write. In particular, War Nerd defines a new high
in "how to write about history".  I'm not saying you HAVE to read his
new twelve part series on the War of 1812
<https://nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/twelve-days-of-1812-day-one>, but I'll
definitely imply with winks and nudges that if you /don't/ you're less
of a person. And here is where I go with schooling as well. Not a single
page of any history book I read in school (or since) was anywhere close
to the skill level Gary Brecher has with portraying his subjects, or his
vastly digested knowledge of it.


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