[Dailydave] INFILTRATE 2013 Preview Blogpost Excitement!

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Mon Mar 4 14:36:27 EST 2013

We've posted another INFILTRATE 2013 preview blog. Don't think that just
because you have read the preview blogs that you shouldn't come to the
conference! :> Regardless, it's an interesting read.


Which reminds me: When I checked in at RSA they checked my photo ID. We
won't be doing that - nor will we require that you re-pay if you lost
your badge. Hey, we've all been drunk before at a security conference.
Badges get lost, mildly offensive things get said. It's all part of the
fun. So if you lose your INFILTRATE badge (which might be a bracelet or
something), then we'll just get you a new one.


INFILTRATE - the world's best offensive information security conference.
April 2013 in Miami Beach

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