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I putted these slides into one tar file:

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Dave Aitel <dave at immunityinc.com> wrote:
> How to be offensive without being offensive. There's no class in this,
> and I have to say that I'm not that great at it and maybe never will be.
> I spent all last week with my grandfather who's 92, and lived through
> WWII. I'd say "fought in WWII", since he was in the Air Force and really
> wanted to be, of all things, a navigator, but the way he puts it is that
> the best place to be in a world war is "far away from it". There's a lot
> of parts of him now that are the not the same, but the engineer in him
> is stronger than ever, weirdly emphasized by a long time away, seeing
> details of the environment - every bolt in the pavement in high relief.
> He lives on a big block of land in Herndon, which now has CACI and
> Mantech buildings roaming the land that used to be pig farms like a herd
> of brachiosaruses. None of that impresses him - not the inch thick
> stacks of badges at Red Hot and Blue, and not the magic technology, each
> gadget more shiny than the last. Part of that is because 92 year olds
> are hard to impress, and part of that is because he worked at RCA fifty
> years back building machines under an SAP with vacuum tubes in the
> building that became the NSA.
> That said, twice now I've been told off in Herndon restaurants for
> cursing too loudly during dinner. Everyone in these restaurants whispers
> to each other all night. I can just imagine the amazingly boring sex
> they have after dates like that.
> And as part of the plan of "not being embarrassingly bad at
> man-wrestling during INFILTRATE-BJJ" this year, I paid the mat fee and
> trained at Fairfax JJ, just a short drive from where I grew up. In
> between choking me out the asberger's kid pointed out that I was too
> tentative. Some part of me just wanted to avoid that particular war, I
> guess.
> So to sum up, it's been a weird week. Next week is RSA, and Tuesday and
> Wednesday in the Expo Gateway from 12-1 I'm going to be doing my best to
> avoid cursing or being offensive in any way while at the exact same
> time, trying not to be too tentative. Frankly, those of you who know me,
> or who have ever eaten dinner in a restaurant near me, know I'm going to
> err on the side of offensive. So come by and heckle if you're there!
> -dave
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