[Dailydave] Pressure Strategies for Nation States against Corporations

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Thu Dec 4 10:15:14 EST 2014

<here is an amazing image from SYSCAN 2013 keynote>

So in my Syscan 2013 keynote
(from which the above screenshot is taken) if you were there, we talked
a little bit about how nation states respond to corporations trying to
kick them out, which is suddenly more relevant in the wake of the Sony
hacking. One of their obvious pressure strategies that we discussed is
to leak EVERYTHING from the target network, as a way of punishing them
for reacting.

All I'm saying is, you should go to GOOD conferences, and listen to the
keynotes. There's so much great information available that most people
don't even bother to view. And of course, you should come to INFILTRATE
2014 <http://infiltratecon.org>.


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