[Dailydave] Our Ironic Cyber Pearl Harbor

Moses Hernandez moses at moses.io
Mon Dec 15 10:37:52 EST 2014

I am not sure that I would qualify this yet as Digital Pearl Harbor. Could
it be the Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment? Maybe. In the sense that this
one event could spiral or thrust us into a conflict. This is such a hard
thing to say because the dynamics between War World I, World War II, and
everything in between was different that today. It's early days but it
would fit the narrative may a little more. Maybe what we are all searching
for is the Digital equivalent of 9/11 which would fit this narrative better

If North Korea was responsible for damaging Sony Pictures, that would be a
Nation State inflicting somewhat irreparable damage to a company that
straddles both the U.S. and Japan. The interesting thing about that is that
in Japan Sony is pseudo-state influence because of their economic model,
while in America its not. The question then becomes does Industries and
corporations/companies being harmed by Nation State become military
operations? I guess Companies are now people according to some Supreme
Court decisions but the verdict is still out.

Some people have called the Edward Snowden revelations over the past year
the Digital Pearl Harbor because of what has been said and what has been
done. Consider the dynamic changes in 'cyber space' that has happened since
the Snowden revelations? New Media outlets, hostilities and distrust
between governments, technology companies, and the like. My vote is that
there will not be an equivalent to a digital pearl harbor until a military
installation is harmed in such a way to cause the damage and shock and awe
that a surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor military base suffered during
the real incident.

Until then, I don't know if its boom of an article, more of a bust.

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