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On 18 Dec 2014, at 04:28, Dave Aitel <dave at immunityinc.com> wrote:
> The Sony Hack is not just fun and games (if it was, The Interview would have dropped as a .torrent long ago). It's not about a movie or even Sony, at all. When you build a nuclear program, you have to explode at least one warhead so that other countries see that you can do it. The same is true with Cyber. 

Both the Israelis and South Africans managed to let everyone know they had nukes without ever detonating one if you discount the Vela Incident which was never conclusively attributed to either, nor to a nuke for that matter.
Turns out the South Africans had a fine stockpile of U235-only nukes (does not require a Pu-producing reactor with its tell-tale stacks like the DPRK’s Yongbon - very smart OPSEC, see @thegruqg) and the Israelis nobody really knows for sure except, possibly, the US.

Both the Pakistanis and the DPRK have exploded slightly-better-than-duds or have refined their underground decoupling to the point that they can get their explosion signatures off by more than an order of magnitude which is rather unlikely, especially for the Pakistanis since they used vertical holes into the desert as opposed to horizontal caves Kim-style.

Not so sure about the analogy there Dave.

But, having corrected the nuclear facts, I bow to the brilliance of the Infiltrate advert combining, nukes, detonations and cybercyber.


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