[Dailydave] something new and compelling (really!) for SOURCE Boston in May

Richard Thieme rthieme at thiemeworks.com
Fri Apr 29 11:18:48 EDT 2016

A powerful joint presentation is planned for SOURCE Boston on May 18-19. 
I'll be keynoting on the theme “Playing Through the Pain: The Impacts of 
Forbidden Knowledge on Security and Intelligence Professionals.” Then 
Rob Cheyne will join me to facilitate a workshop exploring the 
life-serving practical applications of the keynote's themes. We both 
have years of experience presenting workshops that deliver on our 
promise to make a real difference in how you experience life and work. 
Deidre Diamond of Cyber Security Network will deliver a keynote and 
workshop aligned with our intention on the second day. Please join us 
and over thirty other presenters on business and technology for a unique 
experience - honestly! - in the security world.


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