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Fri Jun 3 11:05:27 EDT 2016

From Spender's recent Keynote <https://grsecurity.net/SSTIC2016.pdf>:

Conferences poor method of knowledge transfer

    Good method of making audience feel “knowledge” transfer

    Accept that it’s basically show-and-tell, that understanding of a
topic requires more than an hour, sometimes with weeks/months/years of
background knowledge


As someone who helps run INFILTRATE <http://infiltratecon.com/> I want
to point out that while I totally agree that conferences can be hard to
use as knowledge transfer mechanisms, that they are getting better. In
particular I want to point people towards this very long piece on how
everything connects together, especially those of you who attended

This is also true of training: I'd love to find a way to offer a
continued education series based on the INFILTRATE classes. And I have
another post coming out to connect more dots from INFILTRATE 2016
shortly. But Spender is right: Conferences, a mainstay of our community,
can be too much about show and tell, and not enough about scientific
progress. (That said, I think INFILTRATE is the best among them in that
regards, of course. :))

And we ARE offering the INFILTRATE training again both in NYC and
(strangely enough!) Columbia MD


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