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Someone needs to write this paper, but for the Intelligence Community law...

This is an extremely long way of saying "What we have now as legal
doctrine doesn't work because the physics has changed underneath us." If
you read this paper after reading a lot of the NATO Tallinn documents
you will find yourself understanding why they have to always state first
the relevance of their old legal frameworks to cyber - simply because
they are wrong and they smell it, even if they can't admit it yet. :)


  It's Too Complicated: The Technological Implications of IP-Based
  Communications on Content/Non-Content Distinctions and the Third Party

    Steven M. Bellovin 

Columbia University - Department of Computer Science

    Matt Blaze 

University of Pennsylvania - School of Engineering & Applied Science

    Susan Landau 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Stephanie K. Pell 

West Point--Army Cyber Institute; Stanford University - Stanford Law
School Center for Internet and Society

June 7, 2016

/Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Forthcoming

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