[Dailydave] Quantum Key Distribution

Matt Tait matt.tait at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 21:00:42 UTC 2017

SFAICT, QKD is mostly a way for academic physics to seek grants from credulous donors.

I suspect China's investment in it is probably just a function of their major investment into academic sciences and research beginning to pay off, rather than anything to do with an assessment of encryption or US capabilities (apart from anything else: QKD doesn't actually solve any real world problems--if the US has capability against any class of cipher, QKD is not how you'd approach fixing it)

/my 2c

>  <dave at immunityinc.com> wrote:
> While nothing cryptographic has leaked from the Snowden documents to the
> public, Edward Snowden did give up a lot of things to the Chinese to get
> out of Hong Kong, and I notice that they've recently invested very
> heavily in Quantum Key Distrubtion (for example, shooting satellites up
> with entangled photons, etc.)
> So my question is: Is this something they learned about US/Russian
> capability against other cryptographics that we are not aware of? Did
> they study up and learn something themselves that we are not aware of?
> Or is this a total lark or PR stunt? Or maybe it's just not that much
> money to them, so they might as well?
> -dave
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