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Thu Aug 17 15:51:51 UTC 2017

So I wanted to type up some notes on the CGC Wrapup
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYYZjTx92KU> video, which was
excellent. I mean, a part of what you want to do, while you watch it, is
strip out all the parts of the thing that are about "playing the game".
I know Jordan loves CTFs as some sort of e-sport and also there's a
whole community who for whatever reason plays CTFs instead of playing
corewars on helpless Chinese networks like of yore, but that stuff is
100% distraction when it comes to the CGC.

As you can see, the tiny red lines on the right are supposed to be some
combination of "could hack and could secure a service". I can't find
anywhere something that has a simple spreadsheet of which samples
<http://www.lungetech.com/cgc-corpus/challenges/NRFIN_00080/>  (and even
which vulns in which samples) were able to be attacked by which teams.
So much of the game was weighted towards performance characteristics
that it's hard to determine the information you really need from the
scores, although the video goes over some anecdotal examples where
RUBEUS and MECHAPHISH were able to attack particular historically
interesting programs. It's telling that Mayhem won despite being
basically off for half the contest. ;)

Does anyone have better data on this?


P.S. Holy cow the visualizations on program execution are next gen!
Worth a close watch just to see them.

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