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It’s been quite some time since we have last connected (INFILTRATE 2014 to be exact)!  Since then, I have left investment banking for a start-up(ish) venture inside the Advanced Research Institutes of Norwich University (NUARI).  In partnership with DHS, NUARI has developed a distributed (virtual) live exercise platform---specifically to address the strategic and business process implications of cyber issues pertaining to critical infrastructure.  For example, our software has been implemented as the exercise platform for Quantum Dawn— a biennial, sector-wide cyber exercise for financial services.

To that end, I wanted to invite you all to participate in our first, public, live exercise on March 15 at 9:30AM (EST).  We will be showcasing a scenario that demonstrates intra-firm communication escalation in a degraded environment (Practitioner to Executive levels).  This will be a capstone event on the day we will be launching our new subscription service.  

The registration form can be found here: https://bit.ly/CIPEXonline <http://bit.ly/CIPEXonline>
Hope you can join us!

Sue Kecmer 
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