[Dailydave] Sponsors!

David Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Fri Feb 2 18:57:51 UTC 2018

So I wanted to take a moment this Friday afternoon and thank
INFILTRATE's sponsors:

Zerodium, Trail of Bits, Google, AWS, Microsoft, Draper, Siege
Technologies, and Grimm

I kinda wanted to point out that while now it's now in vogue to have
offensive tracks, and people are talking about how "offense leads
defense" that our sponsors have been attending and supporting INFILTRATE
since the beginning eight years ago, when a conference like this was too
risqué and technically focused for a lot of other sponsors.

Specifically, Microsoft and Google and Amazon stand out - and I think
clearly demonstrate that if you want to be a "secure host" of any kind,
you need to put a ton of effort into offensive-style research.

We're also, for the first time, partnering with another company to offer
training. I highly recommend people look into taking the vector35 Binary
Ninja workshop <https://infiltratecon.com/training/>. Learning a new
reverse engineering tool is something you are going to want for so many
reasons that I find it weird to try to enumerate them. But this
particular tool is the brainchild of engineers in our community with
decades of experience doing exactly what we do...


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