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Hi Georgi,

Yes, they had been discussed by Raphael Mudge (the author of armitage) in one of his presentations. Basically in a CTF they automated exactly that in order to pop the boxes as they were being installed by the CTF participants, using contaba an automation scripting language he also authored.

Here is a link to the video:


> On 9. Jan 2018, at 11:23, Georgi Guninski <guninski at guninski.com> wrote:
> This is well known, haven't seen it discussed.
> In short doing clean install (factory defaults) has a window of
> opportunity when the device is vulnerable to a known network attack.
> It used to be common sense to reinstall after compromise (probably
> doesn't apply to the windows world where the antivirus takes care).
> All versions of windoze are affected by the SMB bug to my knowledge.
> Debian jessie (old stable) is vulnerable to malicious mirror attack.
> More of interest to me are devices where the installation media is
> fixed and can't be changed.
> This includes smartphones and wireless routers.
> Some smartphones might be vulnerable to wifi RCE (found by google?).
> Some wireless routers might be vulnerable to wifi RCE or
> default admin password attack over wifi.
> Internet of Things will make things worse (some NAS devices are
> affected).
> Shielding the device might not be solution since updates must be
> applied.
> Are the above concerns real?
> Have this been studied systematically?
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