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Hi everyone! So for those of you who come to INFILTRATE
<https://infiltratecon.com/fun/>, or attend any of Jeremiah Grossman's
events you know that many members of the Infosec community have taken up
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In the gym I go to, I often noticed one of the coaches training a set of
kids separately. It turns out he's a reading teacher from Liberty City, the
poorest community in Miami (and also a BJJ black belt). He's been running a
program called "Project Grapple" with some of his students (see the many
links above!).

Anyways, he teaches them for free, but he takes donations so he can take
them to competitions. Obviously there's only so many tee shirts you can
sell, but I pointed out to him that the infosec community is both engaged
in the BJJ world, and also has plenty of people making many times more than
the average salary of Liberty City (26k).

Sometimes getting out of poverty requires someone just paying attention to
you. Anyways, if you read this, and you are one of those people who wants
to give to a program I personally can attest works, I'll be matching
donations up to 2k until June 7th.

You can paypal them here: https://www.paypal.me/ProjectGrapple but spam me
a quick note if you saw this and did, please, so I can match it. :)

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