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Dave Aitel dave.aitel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 19:41:49 UTC 2019

We've announced all but one of the INFILTRATE 2019 speakers!

Probably the hardest question to answer about a CFP I've found is "Why
wasn't this particular great talk chosen?" and I've gotten a few of these
since the announcement letters went out. Part of the answer sometimes is
balance. You don't want an entire conference of Heap Overflows or Fuzzing
or Mobile attacks any of the common subcategories. Sometimes you're trying
to balance between technical wizardry and immediate global impact as well -
or between technical wizardry and forecasted future impact.

We also try to improve this effect by doing a detailed peer-review of each
talk before it's given, and one of the common questions is: What does this
look like in the future. Is this something that can realistically even be

Ideally, the best talks surprise you. They answer the question "What is

But honestly, for any particular talk, there is no one answer as to why it
was not chosen over the rest of the excellent talk submissions. Every year,
I think of ways to convince the committee to select more talks than we have
speaker slots. This year was harder than most!

One new addition this year is a Workshop, for which you will have to bring
your own laptop, on reverse engineering. We're doing this right after the
first full day of talks, and it's being held by Alexei Bulazel & Jeremy
Blackthorne, whom you probably already know. :)

Also, we have all the trainings now in the whole world! Ok, not really. But
we do have Azeria's ARM Class (which is suitable for beginners to both the
platform and to exploitation), and the Vector35 class, which comes with a
license to Binary Ninja and is an amazing class in reverse engineering,
taught by some of the best in the world.

Clicky clicky! :) http://infiltratecon.com/register/

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