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Hey All,

Chris Hoff and I have been organizing BJJ events around InfoSec conferences for the last 5-6 years. Particularly during RSA and BlackHat USA. We've learned a lot of good stuff in the process, especially things that keep something like this extremely fun and also very importantly… safe. We all want to be to go back to work the next day uninjured and still be friends. ;)

Location: We typically pick an academy physically close to the conference, but also one where they tend wear Gis. Mostly because they are more the "martial artist" personality and don't have something to prove like in the No-Gi MMA places. If you don't own a Gi, it's still no problem. You can train NoGi and a lot of place have rentals if you need.

Who Can / Should Come: We've always been open to anyone coming, even those who've never trained BJJ before. We've both been doing this for years, understand how injuring prone the sport is, and know how to make sure the beginners don't get hurt or hurt each other. So we'll have everyone from white belts to black bets in the crew. No one comes to "compete" or "win," but to learn and have fun. That's it.

Chris, anything to add?


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On Sep 27, 2012, at 6:20 AM, Dave Aitel wrote:

> So if you are getting this email then you are likely to want to participate in INFILTRATE 2013's BJJ thingy. I hesitate to call it a "tournament" because it's more likely just going to be "roll with whoever you want". I assume everyone is of many various sizes, shapes, and skills levels.
> The most important thing about this list is a "headcount" factor, as we need to figure out both transportation and other logistics. 
> So my first questions are these:
> o Do we want experts there for tips/tricks/etc? (i.e. I can try to get Cyborg or another BB to watch) OR do we want to self-manage?
> o What are our skill levels?
> o Gi/NoGi? (both?) In Vegas people did Gi, but I'm sure both or a mix are possible.
> o Who else should be on this list? Bug your BJJ+hacker friends so we can get an early headcount so we can plan appropriately, please!
> In any case, thanks for being interested both in INFILTRATE and in our side events! (We also plan for both VBall, and drinking)
> -dave
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