[Canvas] CANVAS 6.87 Release Movie

Alex McGeorge alexm at immunityinc.com
Tue Jun 4 12:49:48 EDT 2013

Aloha List!

Although a bit later than usual we have the new CANVAS movie detailing
the new features in 6.87 available for your viewing pleasure at:


A few things to note about this video
1) We do see the Java warning popup happen when demoing the
java_DynamicBinding, this is because I forgot to uncheck "Always Do
Recon". Unfortunately checking for the Java version means triggering
that popup. So if you want to be stealthy and use this exploit on a gig,
don't forget to uncheck the box! By default the exploit makes use of the
JNLP popup bypass technique.

2) The inject_to_mem module works on Windows 32/64 as well as OSX 32/64,
the technique for OSX has not been discussed anywhere else publicly to
our knowledge. The Windows technique for loading DLLs into a process
without touching disk is a variant of what was used by Stuxnet.

3) The audio does cut out for about 6 seconds around the 1:54 mark,
sorry about that

As always questions can be aimed at support at immunityinc.com


Alex McGeorge
Immunity Inc.
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Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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