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Alex McGeorge alexm at immunityinc.com
Wed Aug 20 15:35:13 EDT 2014

Hi List(s),

So here's the deal, Dave wanted me to write up some brilliantly clever
marketing email about our Virtual CANVAS Training. I'm not sure if it's
because I didn't sleep well last night or that it has been a tough week
but I just can't find my humor. I even tried watching clips from
Airplane! and that's scientifically proven* to be the funniest movie
ever made.

So I'm going to cut right to it. If you use CANVAS you should take this
training. I wrote the course, I teach it, I know it gives students a
really firm foundation in CANVAS usage and exposure to some solid
penetration testing fundamentals. Did I also mention you get a
certificate? Dave signs them and everything. You might be able to use
that towards any kind of continuing education requirement you're
subjected to.

The class is September 24th and 25th, from 10:00AM thru 4:00PM Eastern
and at $1650 it's pretty awesome. If you bundle with a CANVAS
subscription there are even more savings to be had. It's a miracle of

https://www.immunityinc.com/education/virtual-canvas-traning.html or you
can email admin at immunityinc.com.


* I'm not kidding:

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