[Canvas] Agora 2.25, SCADA+ 1.25 are out

Yuriy Gurkin audit at gleg.net
Tue Jul 1 05:33:35 EDT 2014

Hi list,
SCADA+ 1.25 contains new nice 0Day modules for Siemens and Aspic industrial
software. :
 - Siemens Automation License Manager Service Denial Of Service
Vulnerability. [0Day]
 - Siemens Automation License Manager Remote Arbitrary File Overwrite.
 - SCADA AspicManager (package: Aspic 3.30 - All in One SCADA HMI system)
buffer overflow. [0Day]
 - Aspic 3.30 - All in One SCADA HMI system telnet weakness. default pwd
and more. [0Day]

Agora 2.25 contains:
 - CouchDB v1.5.0. Denial of Service. CVE-2014-2668
 - GetGo Download Manager buffer overflow. CVE-2014-2206
 - DaumGame ActiveX IconCreate() Remote Overflow.  CVE-2013-7246
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