[Canvas] SCADA+ 1.34 and Agora 2.34 are out

Yuriy Gurkin audit at gleg.net
Tue Jun 3 17:22:58 EDT 2014

Hi list,
SCADA+ 1.34 pack contains nice 3 [0day] modules for famous CoDeSys
framework software pieces (latest versions), soft is frequently used in
SCADA industry:

 - CoDeSys ENI Server ver Stack Buffer Overflow [0Day]
 - CoDeSys Webserver ver Stack Buffer Overflow [0Day]
 - CoDeSys Gateway Server Denial Of Service Vulnerability [0Day]
there are also videos for these modules available on

Agora 2.34 contains modules for public vulns, including for nginx, http and
ftp servers:
 - DomsHttpd Remote Denial Of Service Exploit
 - GoAhead Web Server 3.1.x - Denial of Service
 - Joomla AJAX Shoutbox <= 1.6 - Remote SQL Injection
 - nginx v1.3.9-1.4.0 Denial Of Service Exploit
 - PCMAN FTP 2.07 Buffer Overflow Exploit
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