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Wed Feb 25 17:53:26 EST 2015

D2 Elliot has been updated with 38 new web exploits. Now you have more 
than 440 exploits available in D2 Elliot. Payloads have been improved 
and dedicated WAR payload has been developed.

D2 Elliot Web Exploitation Framework is regularly updated with new exploits 
and tools to keep a high level of efficiency. If you need customized exploits 
or tools please contact us at info at d2sec.com 

For sales inquiries and orders, please contact sales at d2sec.com

DSquare Security, LLC


Exploits - Added:
 E-404 - ManageEngine OpManager MigrateCentralData Servlet File Upload
 E-405 - Pandora FMS 5.0 SP2 SQL Injection
 E-406 - ManageEngine OpManager MigrateLEEData Servlet File Upload
 E-407 - ManageEngine OpManager FileCollector Servlet File Upload
 E-408 - phpMyRecipes 1.2.2 dosearch.php SQL Injection
 E-409 - WordPress Creative Contact Form 0.9.7 File Upload
 E-410 - ManageEngine OpManager FileCollector Servlet File Upload
 E-411 - PBBoard 2.1.4 email SQL Injection
 E-412 - Cart Engine 3.0 SQL Injection
 E-413 - PBBoard 2.1.4 username SQL Injection
 E-414 - Visual Mining NetCharts Server 7.0 File Upload
 E-415 - Linksys Information Disclosure
 E-416 - Linksys Information Disclosure
 E-417 - Netgear Information Disclosure
 E-418 - Netgear Information Disclosure
 E-419 - Netgear Information Disclosure
 E-420 - Netgear Information Disclosure
 E-421 - Nisuta Information Disclosure
 E-422 - Belink Router Information Disclosure
 E-423 - Huawei Information Disclosure
 E-424 - D-LINK Router Information Disclosure
 E-425 - D-LINK Router Information Disclosure
 E-426 - D-LINK Security Restriction Bypass
 E-427 - D-LINK Unauthenticated Remote Access
 E-428 - D-LINK Authentication Bypass
 E-429 - D-LINK Remote Command Execution
 E-430 - D-LINK Router Information Disclosure
 E-431 - Alpha Networks Router Information Disclosure
 E-432 - D-LINK Remote Command Execution
 E-433 - Asmax Router Information Disclosure
 E-434 - Compal Broadband Networks Router Information Disclosure
 E-435 - Apache Axis2 FD
 E-436 - DomPHP <= 0.83 SQL Injection
 E-437 - OpenEMR 4.1.1 new_comprehensive_save.php SQL Injection
 E-438 - OpenEMR 4.1.1 logview.php SQL Injection
 E-439 - OpenEMR 4.1.2 forms_admin.php SQL Injection
 E-440 - Wordpress WP Symposium File Upload
 E-441 - Lexmark MarkVision Enterprise 2.0 File Upload
 E-442 - Piwigo rate parameter SQL Injection

Workflows - Added:
 W-39 - Axis2 information gathering

Payloads - Added:
 P-64 - WAR Upload Gate

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