[Canvas] Agora 2.47, SCADA+ 1.47 are available for download

Yuriy Gurkin audit at gleg.net
Thu Sep 3 13:27:58 EDT 2015

Hi list,
SCADA+ 1.47 contains 3 new [0day] modules for following SCADA software and
 - Century Star SCADA httpsvr infoleak Vulnerability. [0-Day]
 - Modbus SCADA (WLC Systems) DLL Hijacking. [0-Day]
 - MOXA SoftCMS AspWebServer Denial Of Service Vulnerability. [0-Day]

Agora 2.47 contains several modules for pretty known WordPress apps:
- Webdorado Spider Event Calendar SQL Injection.
 - Community Events Plugin Blind SQL injection Vulnerability.
 - Windows Desktop And iPhone Photo Uploader File Upload Vulnerability
 - MiwoFTP Plugin 1.0.5 - Arbitrary File Download Exploit.

Best regards,
-Gleg's development team
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