[Canvas] Agora 2.61 and MedPack 1.15 are out

Yuriy Gurkin audit at gleg.net
Wed Jan 25 13:31:25 EST 2017

Hi, List,

2.61 ver. of Agora contains 4 modules. List:

- This module turn the Aktakom oscilloscope to self correction mode [0-Day]
- This module hosts an HTML Application (HTA) that when opened will run a
payload via Powershell.
- OpenSSH versions 7.2 and below crypt CPU consumption denial of service
- FreePBX 13.0.x < 13.0.154 - Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution

1.15 MedPack contains 2 modules. List:

- OpenMRS Information Disclosure [0-Day]
- NetMan 204 - Backdoor Account

Happy pentesting,
Gleg`s Security team <http://gleg.net/>
Follow us on Twitter: GlegExploitPack <https://twitter.com/GlegExploitPack>
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