[Canvas] Gleg's Agora, SCADA, DefPack are updated

Yuriy Gurkin audit at gleg.net
Fri Jul 26 17:10:53 UTC 2019

Updates are available!

1.92 SCADA Pack:
ag_WellinTech_KingSCADA_stack_overflow - WellinTech KingSCADA stack-based
buffer overflow Denial of Service. public
ag_Newport_Electronics_iDRN_iDRX_Signal_Conditioners - Newport Electronics
iDRN-iDRX Signal Conditioners ActiveX Control Remote File Overwrite
Vulnerability.  [1Day]
ag_lsis_XPServiceController_dos  - LSIS XP-Server XPServiceController
Denial Of Service.  [1Day]
ag_Cogent_DataHub_8x_DoS - Cogent Datahub 8.0.x Denial of Service.  [1Day]

1.45 DefPack:
ag_InstarVision_DoS_PoC - InstarVision Surveillance Center Denial of
Service. [1Day]
ag_InstarVision_v2x_DoS - InstarVision Deutschland GmbH Surveillance Center
Denial of Service. [1Day]
ag_yawcam_fd - Yawcam 0.6.0 - Directory Traversal Vulnerability. CVE listed

ag_cisco_small_business_sa500_lfi - Cisco Small Business SA500 Series -
Local File Inclusion. public
ag_Firefox_68_DoS - Firefox 68.0.1 - funny DoS.  public
ag_Oracle_Business_Intelligence_DirTrav - Oracle Business Intelligence
Directory Traversal. public
ag_sysgauge_server_dos - SysGauge Server 3.6.18 - Denial of Service. CVE

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