[Canvas] D2 Exploitation Pack 2.43, December 2, 2019

DSquare Security sales at d2sec.com
Fri Nov 29 15:00:17 UTC 2019

D2 Exploitation Pack 2.43 has been released with 4 new exploits.

This month we provide you four new exploits for pwnrouter.

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D2 Exploitation Pack is updated each month with new exploits and tools.
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version 2.43 December 2, 2019

canvas_modules - Added:
- d2sec_pwnrouter:
  d2sec_gpon_1: GPON OLT ZTE Access Bypass Vulnerability
  d2sec_dlink_31: D-Link DIR-600M Access Bypass Vulnerability
  d2sec_skyworth_1: Skyworth CM5100/CM5100-440/CM5100-511/CM5100-GHD00/CM5100.g2 Credentials Disclosure Vulnerability
  d2sec_netsys_1: NET&SYS MNG2120J/MNG6300 Credentials Disclosure Vulnerability    

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