[Canvas] Gleg Agora, SCADA, Def, ZDA updates

YG audit at gleg.net
Tue Nov 16 18:11:20 UTC 2021

Dear colleagues, new modules available for download.

SCADA 2.19 :
  - ARSoft Visual IO SCADA DDE Server Denial of Service [1Day]
  - B&R Automation Studio WebServer Denial of Service [1Day]
  - SEL AcSELerator Architect 2.2.24 CPU Exhaustion Denial of Service  
  - Unitronics VisiLogic_C File Create Vulnerability [1Day]

Agora 3.18:
  - CVE-2021-41773, CVE-2021-42013 Apache HTTP Server 2.4.49, 2.4.50  
dirtrav vulnerability potentially leading to RCE
  - GitLab 12.9.0 Directory Traversal CVE-2020-10977
  - GLPI 9.5 Authenticated File Delete. [1Day]
  - GLPI 9.5 Unauthenticated Password Change PoC. [1Day]
  - IPS Community Suite <= PHP Code Injection Vulnerability  
  - phpMyAdmin 4.8.x before 4.8.2 attacker can include (view and  
potentially execute) files on the server.
  - Xceed Software Zip for ActiveX File Create Vulnerability [1Day]

DefPack 1.72:
  - D-Link DSL-2875AL Remote Password Disclosure. pub
  - IPCop 2.1.9  Remote Code Execution. pub
  - LANCOM R&S Unified Firewalls UF-XXX Relative Path Traversal  
Vulnerability. pub
  - CC8800-CMTS credential disclosure vulnerability. pub
  - SV3C L-Series HD Camera Remote Configuration Disclosure CVE-2018-12671
  - TBK DVR4104 and DVR4216 Credentials Leak CVE-2018-9995

ZDA 1.38 extra exploits:
  - Blue Iris Video_Management Software ActiveX Control Remote Code  
Execution Vulnerability [0Day]
  - GitLab 13.10.2  remote command execution CVE-2021-22205
  - Eclipse Jetty 9.4.37.v20210219 to 9.4.38.v20210224  info leak
  - DBI Technologies Studio Controls for COM Remote Code Execution  
unsafe ActiveX method, RCE [0Day]
  - IMT Analytics AG FlowAnalyser FlowLab unsafe ActiveX method, RCE. [0Day]
  - Mitsubishi Electric & INEA SmartRTU Source Code Disclosure CVE-2021-40382
  - SonicWall SMA Password Reset CVE-2021-20034

Happy pentesting,
Gleg Security team
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