[Dailydave] Iran brings down drone with "cyberwar"

Carl-Johan Bostorp Carl-Johan.Bostorp at cybercom.com
Wed Dec 14 04:20:37 EST 2011

Ok, I'm going to put my foil hat on and venture a crazy theory here.

Since another drone has now crashed, I'm wondering if these two events are not related to the virus outbreak in October. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/10/virus-hits-drone-fleet/ http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/10/drone-virus-nuisance/ 

According to the rumors, AF had major problems handling the incident. According to AF, they had no problems and the virus turned out to be a credential stealer for gambling sites and playgames such as Mafia Wars (sic). 

Well, what if it was indeed a "credential stealer", but it stole crypto keys and such that gave a third party full access to some drones? What if that third party then sold a RQ-170 to Iran, and then crashed a MQ-9 to prove to another party that yes, they do indeed have control over some drones and they did sell it to Iran. Or maybe, it was the Iranians themselves who wanted to convince the US that they really did steal the drone with a successful cyberattack, using the MQ-9 as a signal without causing a crisis. (I imagine that stealing another drone would be a lot more difficult to see it as something other than an act of war in the publics eye, than the first one that "accidentally" flew over Iran). Imagine what deterrent effect that would have against further cyber attacks on Iran...

With my foil hat on, this perfectly explains what has happened.


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Overflow of that unencrypted video channel? RF Jamming? BS?
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