[Dailydave] Amongst data breaches and misc 'leakage', not necessarily digital, DEFCON CTF continues at DEFCON XX

Vulcan DDtek vulcan.ddtek at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 20:49:27 EDT 2012


1 APRIL 2012


Defense Diutinus Technologies Corp (ddtek) is pleased to announce the
round of qualification for DEFON 20 CTF... DEFCON XX,
it's two-thirds sheepornographic!

In case you have been under a rock, DEFCON 20 is poised to be the
largest it has ever been, thousands and thousands of hackers,
high end entertainment and non-stop action to rival m3rc's in romps
New Zealand's sheep country.

So get your 50 gal. discount lube handy (use coupon code
DDTEKNEEDZLUBEZ) and get ready to be pwned...the no-holds-barred
competition for these coveted spots will be held over 48 non-stop
hours 1-3 June (US time zones).

The qualification round will require teams to demonstrate the
superiority of cyber, security, and hacking across a vast realm of
security knowledge, practice and CISSP DRE exam prep questions.

DT asked DDT to grow the CTF.  So we have.  We are pre-qualifying
winners of other CTFs around the globe to bring a smackdown of epic
proportions this August.

As always, last year's champion, the Euopean Nopsled Team, is granted
automatic entry.  There are so many CTFs on the
circuit these days, we seek to incorporate only the best of the best.

So, random, wandering sheep have selected the following CTFs using a
scientifically proven "pin the tail on the m3rc" (role reversal--who
knew?) method.

Last year the iCTF and Codegate winners demonstrated that winners of
these CTFs were worthy of returning, additionally we invite victors
from NCCDC, HitB, PhDays, nuit du hack, ruCTF, and Defcon 19 oCTF.

The winners of said competitions have reserved seats at this years show.

While DEFCON refuses to sell-out to corporate sponsorship, DT is
personally covering two rooms per team at the majestic RIO hotel
Thursday-Sunday for each team.

In honor of DC XX we're upping the number of tables in Vegas to 20
total.  Yes, when the dust clears the _20_ best will be invited to
join us this summer in sin city for the annual DEFCON deathmatch. It
wouldn't be fair to reduce the number of spots available to the
public at large, so 10 teams will qualify in open quals this June.

Reg is at ddtek.biz.  Only those that pre-register for quals are
permitted entry.  Each individual should register. The first member
of each team to register will receive a team code to privately share
with other mates as they register. Just go to the dam site and
register.  It's not hard (registration that is), and lusers that
can't bother themselves to register in the next eight weeks will be
required to wear sheep hatz to Defcon (http://bit.ly/HCIQQy).
Consider this your first challenge, those that successfully register
will receive 5 schrute bucks (Schrute buck to bitcoin to sheepantler
to qualpoint conversion scale will be available at a later date).

Registration site:  https://www.ddtek.biz/reg/dc20_reg.jsp
Registration opens: 01 Apr 2012 00:00:00 UTC
Registration ends:  01 Jun 2012 00:00:00 UTC

Qualifications open: 02 Jun 2012 00:00:00 UTC
Qualifications ends: 04 Jun 2012 00:00:00 UTC

Labian links for those that can't successfully convert timezones:


For those mathy types, you'll notice that one seat is not accounted
for, stay tuned for a surprise announcement during quals weekend.

More infoz will follow via your registered email address.

Vulc at n
Difensiva Senior Engineer, GIAC-OFFENSIVE
Diuntinus Defense Technologies, plc., Co., Gmbh., Inc.

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