[Dailydave] Neal Stephenson, the EFF and Exploit Sales

Jon Oberheide jon at oberheide.org
Thu Aug 16 11:30:57 EDT 2012

Trying really hard not to not participate here...but doesn't the EFF's
0-day position conflict with their EU "hacking tools" position?


See the "No Criminalization of Tools" section:

"The draft Directive should not criminalize the creation, possession and
distribution of tools that are fundamentally designed for the purpose of
carrying out an attack."

I can't read, but hopefully someone else can figure out what their
stance is there.

On Thu, 2012-08-16 at 11:17 +0545, Ben Nagy wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Dr. Sandro Gaycken
> <s.gaycken at fu-berlin.de> wrote
> Henceforth, I respond, if at all, exclusively in sarcastic couplets.
> "The 0day and the Ivory Tower"
> Said Doctor One to Doctor Two, these 0days are a bore
> I read about them just last year! They're too scary to ignore!
> Said Doctor Two to Doctor One I know just what to do -
> A brilliant plan from me and you, to save the whole EU!
> With just 20 million Euro from each of 20 trusted friends,
> we'll find the bugs and fix them all, then APT will end!
> Of course the plan will never work without a total ban
> on coding and compilers (unless we say they can)
> But how on earth, said Doctor One, can governments be showed
> that individual liberty is worth less than some code?
> Gentlemen! Said Doctor Three, (he enters from the rear)
> By my scraggy beard and ponytail, well I can help you there!
> We'll simply call them cyberarms, to strike their hearts with fear,
> and speak of Arabs killing folk, and such and such, all clear?
> A cunning plot, good Doctor Three, but surely you recall
> their allies in the USA, and justice there, for all?
> Oh, don't mind us, said EFF, we're not as staid as that
> Just let us sign a bill or two, this whole thing's in the hat!
> So black was white and white was black
> And code was arms, no-one could hack
> The Doctors published articles, they gained respect and friends
> And then got owned by clicking on
> The End
> Baby seals,
> ben
> --
> " Invididual security comes from impact containment, not patching bugs."
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