[Dailydave] INFILTRATE 2013 Keynote Announcement: Chris Eagle

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Thu Aug 30 12:05:29 EDT 2012


So like many of you I'm rarely impressed by capture the flags. There's
whole countries out there with working Internets but without functioning
governments, isn't that enough for people? Also, I tend to lose CTFs to
SK Chong whenever I play, which is frustrating.

But not too long ago the tools people were creating to win the DefCon
CTF became interesting. It's one thing to win because your team has
better reverse engineers, or because you have a thousand people on your
team. It's a whole 'nother thing to win because you have a better
platform to play on. Chris Eagle led the "School of Root" (I refuse to
leetspeak it) team that did just that two years in a row.  In addition,
he's been doing interesting work at the Naval Postgraduate School for at
least 10 years that I know about, and many of you learned things you
didn't know about IDA Pro from reading his book on the subject.

What we look for in INFILTRATE keynotes are people with unique
perspectives - people who have been in this game a long time and have
something new to say. We look, in other words, for strategists like
Chris Eagle.

You can buy your tickets here: http://infiltratecon.com/contact.html

INFILTRATE - the world's best offensive information security conference.
April 2013 in Miami Beach

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