[Dailydave] What is a cyberweapon?

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Dave, (btw,nice cover of Gen.A) 
Might want to consider emphasizing that anything that can significantly degrade/destroy/gum-up an electronic 'capability' is a cyber wep. The ability to flood a network with terrible sysadmins, shorting out a certain substation in crofton, an emp generator, or, yes, not malicious, but poorly (memory leaks,crappy coding,not doc'd) written apps can be cyber weps... The 'low and slow' variety, that waste time, misinform, slow down progress.... Things that suck out the soul/money/enthusiasm/creative 'will to live' of ITers trying to build/create decent IT constructs. Just a thought.... Rock on, hope your presentation is well received. Best, Hal 
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