[Dailydave] INFILTRATE Book Club Part 2

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Wed Jan 4 11:04:34 EST 2012

So I personally wasn't a huge fan, but more than one person has
suggested Daemonby Leinad Zeraus. But you can't buy this in electronic
format anymore for some reason, and I can't find the torrent on
PirateBay, so it's not eligible! You're better off reading Daniel Keys
Moran's AI War instead. :>

At this year's INFILTRATE, due to a few factors, we have a much too
large budget for food and beverage (i.e. It is a real possibility that
they will hand you a top of the line mojito as you check in). Likewise,
I asked for local food. We may end up eating alligator. Who knows. But
you SHOULD know your food history. Today's book list is here to help
with that.

The big baby daddy of them all:

But that's really just the beginning. Early cultures got their protein
largely from seafood, and usually seafood that couldn't move or was too
dumb to avoid a small net. So it's good to focus on why you find
building-sized mounds of discarded oyster shells nearly everywhere
humans lived:

Probably the next best book in the genre is this one on Cod. We have a
lot of Scandinavians coming to INFILTRATE, and they, of all people,
should know the history of Cod.

This book on lobsters is also a must-read. The local Whole Foods seafood
guy is an ex Maine lobsterman, and can give you the straight dope on
lobster fishing:

Bananas are very interesting especially in how they changed computer
networking (and the country of Honduras):

The history of bananas will not, however, explain why Nico's exploits
often have animated dancing bananas in them. I haven't found one in the
Master Class exercises yet, but I'm sure there's one there somewhere.

INFILTRATE 2012 January 12th-13th in Miami - the world's best offensive information security conference.

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