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Hey guys,

Sorry about the shameless self-promotion, but I just thought I'd
mention that my wife and I run a technical bookstore in Seattle and
we're part of the computer security community (I started and run
ToorCon/ToorCamp/etc) so our bookstore is obviously heavily based
around supporting the local community and fostering tech innovation in
the area.

I say this because we just started selling Google eBooks and so if you
have a Google eBook compatible reader (which I believe is all of them
except for the Kindle) and would like to keep the money in our
community then please consider purchasing from us:


Or your local independent bookstore that supports reselling Google eBooks:



On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 8:04 AM, Dave Aitel <dave at immunityinc.com> wrote:
> So I personally wasn't a huge fan, but more than one person has
> suggested Daemonby Leinad Zeraus. But you can't buy this in electronic
> format anymore for some reason, and I can't find the torrent on
> PirateBay, so it's not eligible! You're better off reading Daniel Keys
> Moran's AI War instead. :>
> http://www.amazon.com/I-War-Book-One-ebook/dp/B004XMR5A4
> At this year's INFILTRATE, due to a few factors, we have a much too
> large budget for food and beverage (i.e. It is a real possibility that
> they will hand you a top of the line mojito as you check in). Likewise,
> I asked for local food. We may end up eating alligator. Who knows. But
> you SHOULD know your food history. Today's book list is here to help
> with that.
> The big baby daddy of them all:
> http://www.amazon.com/Guns-Germs-Steel-Societies-ebook/dp/B000VDUWMC
> But that's really just the beginning. Early cultures got their protein
> largely from seafood, and usually seafood that couldn't move or was too
> dumb to avoid a small net. So it's good to focus on why you find
> building-sized mounds of discarded oyster shells nearly everywhere
> humans lived:
> http://www.amazon.com/Big-Oyster-History-Shell-ebook/dp/B000N2HCLA
> Probably the next best book in the genre is this one on Cod. We have a
> lot of Scandinavians coming to INFILTRATE, and they, of all people,
> should know the history of Cod.
> http://www.amazon.com/Cod-Biography-Changed-World-ebook/dp/B001QWFY9I/
> This book on lobsters is also a must-read. The local Whole Foods seafood
> guy is an ex Maine lobsterman, and can give you the straight dope on
> lobster fishing:
> http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Life-Lobsters-P-S-ebook/dp/B000Z4JQOM
> Bananas are very interesting especially in how they changed computer
> networking (and the country of Honduras):
> http://www.amazon.com/Banana-Fate-Fruit-Changed-World/dp/0452290082
> The history of bananas will not, however, explain why Nico's exploits
> often have animated dancing bananas in them. I haven't found one in the
> Master Class exercises yet, but I'm sure there's one there somewhere.
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