[Dailydave] Mojo

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Thu Oct 24 16:53:56 EDT 2013

So what defines a Cyber Weapon is in some part of my mind, a certain
Mojo. It's like the difference between a speech, and rhetoric. With the
right rhetoric you can lift whole houses right off the ground. And the
right cyber weapon can change the world.

To put it into context is Robert Graham:

But once he got the ball rolling, it started to take on a life of its
own. That happens a lot on the Internet.

His claim (which is probably right) is that WikiLeaks is there to
provide cover for Wikileaks-related hackers (aka, Assange himself) who
had data they wanted to get out. But so what? It's genius and everyone
else is probably wishing they'd thought of it first, but nobody at the
time realized how powerful just dumping semi-organized data on the world
in a way that could not be shut up could be. It's like we had Voice of
America, but failed to translate that into the Internet world before
some random Australian, and now we're all jealous and blindsided.

A good cyberweapon has Mojo. It has a life of it's own. That's what
makes them so unstoppable.


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