[Dailydave] What is happening?

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Wed Dec 17 22:28:48 EST 2014

The Sony Hack is not just fun and games (if it was, The Interview would
have dropped as a .torrent long ago). It's not about a movie or even
Sony, at all. When you build a nuclear program, you have to explode at
least one warhead so that other countries see that you can do it. The
same is true with Cyber.

Iran did this exact same near-mortal blow to Saudi Aramco, as a way of
demonstrating that they could and would. That's what just happened to
Sony, but they didn't see it in time, and didn't realize they were going
to have to fold. If you recognize the signature of this kind of
nation-state attack, it is not hard to see ahead of time what is going
to happen, and we at Immunity have gone on the record
weeks ago saying that this was North Korea, and Sony was going to have
to pull the movie to survive.

Kim Zetter wrote a Wired article
<http://www.wired.com/2014/12/evidence-of-north-korea-hack-is-thin/> in
which she called out our Business Insider
piece as fantasy. She's since edited us out of the article, but it is
ironic that she calls on the "Cutting Sword of Justice" as another
hacker group, when in fact they are, like #opisrael, directly Iranian
state-based efforts (to be specific, MOIS) - the very exact kind of
operation people are failing to see here.

Clearly, not all hacking (even very impactful hacking) by random hacker
groups is war/terrorism, but when a nation state decides to take out a
business in another country, it's hard for our policy team to find
another word for it. You do not see the United States using cyber
efforts to do this to businesses in other countries, and when Iran or
North Korea, or even China, does it, that's stepping over the line. The
United State's initial message was that they'd rather have the FBI
handle it than the USAF or even JSOC...

I guess what I'm saying is, you can learn more about cyber war at the
bar at Infiltrate <http://infiltratecon.org>than in Wired so far. ;>


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