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Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Mon Mar 31 16:18:14 EDT 2014

Americans in the Intelligence Community like to play dumb - in their
ideal world everyone would assume they were so colossally stupid that
any success they might be having was sheer beginners luck. This is why
the executive management of Huawei assumes that if they buy off a few
Brits here and there, and trot out a few white people to say nice
things, that the Americans will believe it.

From the WP:
Reached for comment, Huawei vice president for external affairs William
Plummer said: "We have been challenged for years now to prove a negative
about ourselves when, frankly, if there is truth to what is said, they
already know the company is innocent and independent."

To quote the WSJ

On Monday, Mr. Xu again rejected allegations by U.S. lawmakers that the
Chinese government could use Huawei's gear for spying on other
countries. "As a business organization, no one would be so unwise to do
such a thing," he said.


From CNN <http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/tag/william-plummer/>:
This past March, just after regulators forced Huawei to unravel its
3Leaf acquisition
Plummer met with a half-dozen stern-faced members of a congressional
committee focused on national security. Recounting the episode, Plummer
gets visibly agitated as he recalls how the staffers suggested that
Huawei was beholden to the wishes of Beijing. "Well, no," Plummer says
he told them, emphasizing that Huawei is not a state-owned enterprise.
"This year GE sold 150 locomotives to Pakistan. Following that logic, if
the U.S. went to war with Pakistan, then GE would derail the trains?
That's just silliness. That's not how a multinational company would want
to risk its future."

But that's just how Huawei has risked its future, and it's not the only
company to do so. Not only that, but all the government customers of
Huawei have to assume they got a little NSA-inside sticker on their
router package. How cool is that?

Do you think William Plummer ever feels like he made a bad life decision
working as Huawei's patsy?


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