[Dailydave] INFILTRATE Call for Papers is open

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Mon Nov 3 14:07:20 EST 2014

cfp at immunityinc.com

Why you should submit your amazing talk to INFILTRATE:

 1. First of all, talks that go through INFILTRATE are better talks than
    other talks - if for no other reason than we do a serious peer
    review of every talk. And we attract a technical audience that will
    understand what you are saying without you having to explain how a
    program's stack works for the thousandth time.
 2. Secondarily, this is the only conference where you don't have to
    pretend to be doing defensive work. You can say how awesome your
    exploit is without apologizing for it.
 3. Thirdly, this is the only conference that does a profit sharing plan
    with our speakers. We take care of everyone at the conference better
    than other conferences do as well. Compare our food to the box lunch
    you get anywhere else...

The OpenCFP system means that when you submit your talk we may ask you
some questions to help better "Sell" it to the audience, who will be
voting on you. So even SUBMITTING a talk gets your name out there!

I look forward to seeing you in Miami in April!

Dave Aitel

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