[Dailydave] counter-COIN

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Sun Nov 16 10:57:56 EST 2014


It's interesting to see that when people get captured the first thing
that happens is they get forced to reveal their Facebook and email
account information. This means their backstory has to be backed up by
years of emails and fake messages.

Also, how eerie would be it be to have someone at ISIS messaging your
parents or wife from your own Facebook? Basically Facebook lets them
torture your whole family...it's the application of our own modernized
counter insurgency tactics
to produce counter-counter-insurgency.

Essentially you always have to ask yourself: "How has the Internet
changed this thing, whatever it is?" and it looks like we have our

It's probably a wise thing to have everyone going into the field remove
everything in their personal accounts, delete their Facebook, and go in
without any online connections at all. If you make it a policy, then
it's believable.


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