Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Mon Nov 17 15:29:27 EST 2014

Someone (not me) donated this amazing liturature for those of us all
working on the SChannel bug:

well this is a story, all about how, a sig got flipped, reverse
memcpy'd down, and I'd like to take a message, just shift bits
there, and we'll overwrite the LSASS all up over there ... in
schannel delving, ya, diffed and chased, in the windebug was where
I spent most of my days, patchin' out KB's and haxin' all cool,
and all tweetin' some hypelines takin' fools to school, when a
couple of threads, who were up to no good, started raising AV's in
my neighborhood, I got in one little write, and the host got
scared, it said "this problem can't be fixed" so now you're
the fuck out of here


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