[Dailydave] Ekoparty 2014

Nicolas Waisman nicolas at immunityinc.com
Mon Oct 27 09:29:32 EDT 2014

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For those who dont know, EKO stand for Electronic Knock Out. In 1992
AD, back when people where painting their nails black, it used to have
a darkest meaning but i swear with my life not to reveal it.

With the increasing amount of new conference, each of them are
struggling to achieve that unique experience feeling but most of them
fail. I think is a combination of the city, the venue, the people and
the effort the organize put to make all of these happen (most of the
time, presentation are secondary).

Ekoparty, like Kiwicon, Syscan, Pacsec, Infiltrate and a few others,
archieve that and make you count your days until the next one.

This is also, one of the two times a year that you can see a big part
of the Immunity team together. So if you are around, come by and said hi.

This year, we decide to move location for the Hack cup and we will do
it at the Ekoparty instead of Vegas, i'm gonna expect some hardcore
football and you are more than welcome to see how competitive its
gonna turn. (Wednesday 18hs at - Salguero Futbol - Avenida Rafael
Obligado 1221).
And the same day, as part of a new born tradition there will be a BJJ
Openmat at 14hs, we might not have a world champion like Infiltrate,
but we are expecting way more brazilians :).

See you there

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