[Dailydave] Junk Hacking Must Stop!

jericho jericho at attrition.org
Mon Sep 22 15:22:26 EDT 2014


On Mon, 22 Sep 2014, Dave Aitel wrote:

: Look, I get how we all love free trips to various locales other than 
: Seattle or Boston or whatever (which are not, technically "locales" so 
: much as just "places people happen to live"). But one more hacking talk 
: about breaking into some random piece of electronics that people might 
: use somewhere like a Internet-connected bed-warmer, or a MRI machine, or 
: a machine people use to make MRI machines, and the whole hacking 
: community is going to be wearing the cone of shame for a week!

I will make one distinction. If it is networked by default, and you can 
get RCE on it, cool. That *might* be worth a talk if it isn't your garden 
variety overflow.

If you 'hacked' a device by buying one off eBay, cracked the case open, 
soldered some wire to the board, injected your own firmware, and then 
stuck your penis in the USB port... go away. No shit you can own a device 
with that. No shit, you didn't really cross privilege boundaries. If you 
can break into my house to take apart my electronics, you can also smother 
me with a pillow while I sleep.

I am glad others are speaking out against this crap.


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