[Dailydave] Kiwicon 8 CALL FOR PAPERS - https://kiwicon.org/cfp2014.txt

Kiwicon kiwicon at kiwicon.org
Tue Sep 23 00:18:43 EDT 2014

Greetings from from sunny^W warm^W Middle Earth!

But really, you should forget those nasty hobbitses, because the Crue
are about party business: the Kiwicon 8 CFP is out. This year we're
going retro, back to the 1980's. Back to rollerblades, arcade games
and some naive takes on future dystopias.


As a reminder, Kiwicon is in New Zealand. It's a small country, often
left off world maps, somewhere in the south Pacific but not the
tropical bits, and we're a Long Way From Everything. But we're feisty.
And charming. A little taller than you'd expect. And we make great

This year, Kiwicon is on December the 11th and 12th, during our
upsidedown summer! Hooray! Avoid winter! Get hideously sunburnt! The
immense amount of hairspray used the 1980's ruined our ozone layer!

You should probably come to Kiwicon. Submit a talk, maybe propose some
training, and make your corporate overlords pay the airfare. We'll
help you buy sunblock.

Yours in mirrorshades and neon,
The Kiwicon Crue.

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