[Dailydave] COMSEC Biopsy

Darkpassenger darkpassenger at unseen.is
Mon Aug 10 12:09:26 EDT 2015


in a medium scale investigation project to understand failure of secret 
communication of some NGO i am tasked with a smaller job , reversing and 
biopsy a java kit , which i cannot be more far away . help me . file is 
attached . here are the questions we have for the case which i believe 
suit this java component as well . i am told due to this failure a 
brigade of freedom fighters got killed while fate of some still unknown 

1. what websites are using exact or very similar to this code ? we 
expect the languages much be Turk , Arabic and perhaps Farsi or English
2. the code seems obfuscated . deonfuscate it in a way civilian analysis 
tools can understand it
3. are evidences available to support public code from te internet has 
been used in this code ?
4. what types of crypto has been used ?
5. is this kit able to carry exploits into the victim's machine while 
working ?
6 are there personal info inside this code resulting identification 
whole or part of its developer team ?
7. what are the IP addresses the kit is trying to connect to ? where are 
they located ? what are they background ?
8. in your opinion as a skilled java developer is this kit result of 
team work ?
9. how did they obtain the digital certificate and is this connect the 
kit to other elements in the big picture ?
10.is this kit try to spy on the host computer in any way ?
11. is this kit cross-platform ?
12. does the kit contains any java exploit or smart trick to bypass the 
regular average sandbox?
13. how would one attack this kit in wild and learn about the parties 
who are using it over the internet ?

each question is essential to a part of this investigation that 
eventually help protect human rights in hostile environments
all the bests
link : https://anonfiles.com/file/c4f69d6825292a5da1638319b217a4fa

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