[Dailydave] Exciting Things to Work On!

Arrigo Triulzi arrigo at alchemistowl.org
Wed Aug 12 15:55:05 EDT 2015

On 12 Aug 2015, at 21:39, Dave Aitel <dave at immunityinc.com> wrote:
> Trains. We don't have any in the United States. You might have to go to Shanghai to find one with enough networking equipment to hack. WHAT IF YOU CHANGED THE SPEED TO THE SAME AS AN AMTRACK? Patriotic, or irresponsible? Let's let Wired decide?

Dave, please don't suggest that... in Europe, and in China because of the technology they "joint-ventured", we use a system called ERTMS2 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Rail_Traffic_Management_System).

This now runs some of the most recent high-speed lines, I believe the first one activated was the Rome-Naples in Italy, and its security was allegedly tested amidst several issues due to the carrying of "weapons" (i.e. pentesting tools) on laptops.

The whole system is based on GSM-R, the railway version of GSM at 900MHz (EU frequency for GSM). This might also be food for thought for some readers.

Most readers on this list know where this will probably end and I don't think recommending stunt-hacking an ETR500 running at 300kph to Naples or a loaded TGV en route to Strasbourg is particularly smart.

Adding to it China and their Alstom/Bombardier clones is hardly smarter, smilie or no smilie.

Continue playing with your cars and guns in your mostly empty spaces. Perhaps consider playing with your planes over the Nevada Test Site?



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