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Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) rodrigo at kernelhacking.com
Fri Aug 28 19:45:57 EDT 2015

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I really like this idea and the incentive that it creates, so I want
to second that and say that the group/individual that completes 1 and
2 from Dave's proposal will also earn free tickets to H2HC 2015 and on
(they can choose when they want to use the ticket).

Additionally to that, I want to complement adding two more items into
the bucket list:
	3-) The IDA plugin that is currently not open-source, if someone
writes an open-source version, same thing (also up to three members)
	4-) Any code contributions to Grsecurity project that are accepted
(trying to offer what I can to incentivize a real security project to
keep going:  http://grsecurity.net/announce.php).

Best Regards,

Rodrigo (BSDaemon).

On 8/27/15 08:11, Dave Aitel wrote:
> Every year, from HackCup to various coding challenges, we like to
> think of unique ways you can join us at THE BEST SECURITY
> CONFERENCE here in Miami next April 7th and 8th.
> We are starting this year with two new contests now that BinNavi is
> Open Sourced:
> 1. If you and your friends add Capstone (or another 
> disassembler/analyzer) to BinNavi, to remove the IDA requirement,
> then we will send you three free tickets to INFILTRATE 2016!
> 2. If you and your friends integrate a decompiler with BinNavi,
> then we will also send you three free tickets to INFILTRATE 2016!
> If you do both, you get six free tickets to INFILTRATE. Because you
> are awesome. Go get typey typing.
> Dave Aitel Immunity, Inc.
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